That's us, my crazy little family.

I'm Shanell and that handsome devil, Phil, gave me the “Bledsoe” part in 2002. He gave me the angelic blonde baby girl 10 years later. He named her Lyric.

We spent years traveling the globe working with musicians and live music is still a huge part of our world. For me, photography sort of happened by accident when I went back to college. A new love – no, a new obsession began and I never looked back. That one semester turned into 4...and a new career.

Bledsoe Photography was born in 2007. I knew I wanted to focus on photographing weddings immediately. Of course I did. I am a true Libra who loves beautiful things! I put emphasis on the details, the things every bride and groom spends so much time deciding on and making their own. I believe that there is an art to capturing the big and small moments while being inconspicuous so that the focus is where it should be. But most of all, my goal is to provide beautiful, timeless images that immediately bring back the emotion that was felt in that exact moment. It's only 1 day, but the memories I capture are for a lifetime. Best job ever!